Auto Glass Repair

Mobile auto glass repairThe term auto glass applies to every piece of glass on a car. In some instances, auto glass can be fixed instead of having to opt for window or mirror replacement. When there is a problem with any one of those glass components, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a professional. For auto glass repair in Charlotte, it’s recommended that motorists seek out the services of Wilson and Tucker. The family­-owned business continues to maintain its standing as the area’s most reliable auto glass service in Charlotte.

The need for auto glass repair could strike at any given moment. A minor accident, a random stone hitting your windshield, or inclement weather are all reasons why you might need to visit an auto glass specialist in Charlotte. At Wilson and Tucker, we handle auto glass repair and replacement in the following areas:

  • Windshields (front and back)
  • Side mirrors
  • Sun roofs
  • Moon roofs
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Windows

For cracked windshields, our staff uses the best quality resins to fix the problem. Wilson and Tucker also uses top quality auto glass on every replacement procedure. In some cases, a cracked window can be an easy fix while a side­view mirror can simply be reglued. Whatever the solution, we aim to provide you with the quickest and safest solution at the most affordable prices.

Auto Glass Solutions

It is usually minor problems that are fixed with auto glass repair. It’s also important to attend to minor cracks and chips before they begin to escalate into larger problems. Safety is of the utmost importance on the roadways and that includes having strong and reliable auto glass on your vehicle.

Quality Service

Wilson and Tucker have become a staple in the Charlotte community with a team of professionals who have conducted quality business for over three generations. We take proper measures to make sure each repair is done right. We provide speedy service, although we never rush through any part of the job. Our technicians always complete each part of the process with a thorough eye and careful hand.

Expert Technicians

Every technician employed at Wilson and Tucker goes through a careful screening process and background check. They must also be fully­ certified, licensed and insured with ample years of experience. When we have one of our technicians work on your vehicle, it will be someone you can trust. For three generations, Wilson and Tucker has prided itself on excellent workmanship, honesty and integrity.

Mobile Service

Broken windows and busted windshields can leave drivers frustrated. Many of these issues come without warning and leave drivers pressed for time when it comes to fixing the problem. Wilson and Tucker caters to your busy lifestyle with mobile auto glass repair in Charlotte. You can get back on the road, secure and safe, with our mobile repair service. Our technicians will travel to your location and take care of all your auto glass needs right there on the spot.