Auto Window Repair

Wilson & Tucker Auto Glass Inc. Charlotte NCThe windows in your vehicle serve a variety of purposes. Without safe and secure windows, you put yourself at risk every time you get behind the wheel. If there is a problem with any of your windows, trust the team at Wilson and Tucker to remedy the problem. We have been specializing in auto window repair in Charlotte for decades and have built a solid reputation on the quality of our work.

When it comes to our clients, we understand that time is of the essence. Our team of licensed technicians can have your auto glass problems fixed in a hurry. Once a job is complete, we will advise you on the proper measures to take to ensure the longevity of your vehicle’s new windows. We handle all types of auto window repair and stand by our work with extensive warranties.

Side Window Repair

When a side window is damaged on your vehicle, it will be fixed with a calculated and careful process at Wilson and Tucker. First, we inspect the damage and assess which restorative measures need to be taken. We will then take off your door panel so that we have access to the remaining glass. All of that debris will be removed and cleaned before we begin the insertion of a brand new window.

Once the new window is in, it is tested with a regulator. We take the time to double and triple check that it is working adequately. Your door panel will then be refastened while we clean every last remnant of glass out of your vehicle. It may seem like a very involved process, although it generally takes our specialists no more than one hour to complete this task.

Sun roofs and Moon roofs

Many different problems can occur with moon roofs and sun roofs. When it involves an issue with the glass, most times it will need to be replaced. There have been some instances when a moon roof or sun roof has completely shattered without any noticeable cause. Tempered glass is most commonly used in moon roofs and sun roofs and can shatter rather easily. Cars are built tighter nowadays but the main cause for these sudden breaks is temperature change. Should something like this happen to you, trust the top auto window repair Charlotte has to offer. Wilson and Tucker can fit your vehicle with a new moon roof or sun roof right away.

Side view mirrors

Our vast inventory of side view mirrors will be able to match a new one with your vehicle. Our team will take the time to make sure a new side view mirror aligns just right and gives you the advantage of seeing what is going on behind you when you are out on the road. There are other occasions when a rear view mirror needs to be re­bonded. Wilson and Tucker can also take care of that procedure. Side­view mirrors are very important to drivers and can make for much safer travels. When your side view mirror cracks, breaks or chips, contact Wilson and Tucker and put safety back on your side.